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Wrapix Imaging offers business owners an alternative way to advertise their business. From storefront graphics and commercial fleet wraps to window wraps and indoor signage, there are plenty of options available to get one’s brand out there.

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Benefits of Wrapix Imaging

24/7 Advertising

Whether you need indoor graphics or commercial vehicle wraps, our services are a great way to advertise your company and get you noticed.

Visual Impact

By creating graphics for your company, you are building people's familiarity and trust in your brand.


Indoor signage, fleet graphics, and graphic design services are a great way to attract new clients and earn back the money you spent on our services, quickly.

Our Services

Advertising has evolved a lot over the decade's thanks to the improvement of technology. While many have turned to digital means, like social media, to let people know their brand exists, analog mediums are still just as effective.

Wrapix Imaging gives you the choice of either going big and loud or subtle and muted with your graphics. Grab the attention of your customers with the best mix of colors and designs with the help of our graphic design services in California.

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Fleet Graphics

Make your fleet stand out with eye-catching colors and dynamic designs wherever they are. Enhance your branding while also extending its reach with high-quality commercial fleet wraps.

Learn More - Fleet Graphics

Special Event Graphics

Personalize any event venue with your brand colors, logos, appropriate signs, and decals to entertain and entice clients and customers. Inspire fun while also increasing your business.

Learn More - Special EVENT Graphics

Retail Style Application

Create the best impression possible with your retail store using window wraps, indoor signages, interior graphics, and storefront graphics. Watch the number of clients and customers grow!

Learn More - Retail Application

Custom Vehicle Wraps

We can help you design, print, and install custom car and truck wraps that will fit your marketing-specific needs. These custom vehicle wraps can be as creative or conservative as you need them to be.

Learn More - Custom Vehcile Wraps

Banner Style Graphics

Present yourself, your brand, or your business in one well-designed banner. A great option that can be used with storefront graphics or window wraps to let people know of a special event or discount.

Learn More - Banner Style Graphics

Architectural Wraps

Cover any specific surface and structure with wraps that fit perfectly. We’ll take those storefront graphics, banners, or window wraps to the next level by applying them in areas that have great marketing potential.

Learn More - Architectural Wraps

Nationwide Print & Ship

Whether you're promoting your business, hosting an event, or enhancing your brand presence, our nationwide print and ship services ensure that your materials are produced with the utmost quality and attention to detail.

LEarn More - Shipping Practices

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