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Custom Vehicle Wraps

Wrapix Imaging offers custom vehicle wraps design, print, and installation for cars and trucks. Contact us and get custom wraps today.

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Custom Made for Specific Needs

As wrapping specialists, we work hard to provide the best vehicle wraps for both personal and commercial use. With custom vehicle wraps, we can further maximize your branding power and put yourself or your company on display. We can confidently say that any custom wraps we make will be truly unique to you, your vehicles, and your business.

Why Choose Us?

Customized Designs

We know and fully understand that every business needs a unique but consistent logo design to catch people’s attention both on and off-road. Acting as your design team, we will ensure that your custom vehicle wraps will put you above the competition while creating the best first impression for your future customers or clients.


You Always Have a Choice

With Custom vehicle wraps, you get near-unlimited design choices. You can present your brand in a multitude of ways regardless of the vehicles within your fleet. You can choose a simple design or opt for a complex one. You can try flashy colors or neutral ones. The possibilities are endless, limited only by the choices you make.

Cost-Effective Option

When compared to alternative forms of vehicle-based advertising, custom vehicle wraps are a far more cost-effective option. When damaged or not needed anymore, we can remove and replace your vehicle wrap.

Protect Your Vehicles When On The Road

Custom vehicle wraps also serve a secondary purpose - to protect your vehicles from dust, scuffs, minor dents, and scratches when on the road. You won’t have to worry about your paint job being ruined or your vehicles getting dented every time they hit the road.

Maintain Your Vehicles’ Value

Our custom vehicle wraps will ensure your vehicle’s resale value is not negatively affected in any way. So when you find yourself needing to sell a few cars or your whole fleet, you can confidently sell off your vehicles at an excellent price. All we have to do is remove the wraps off your vehicles once you have decided to put your fleet up for sale.


Benefits of Wrapix Imaging

24/7 Advertising

Whether you need indoor graphics or commercial vehicle wraps, our services are a great way to advertise your company and get you noticed.

Visual Impact

By creating graphics for your company, you are building people's familiarity and trust in your brand.


Indoor signage, fleet graphics, and graphic design services are a great way to attract new clients and earn back the money you spent on our services, quickly.


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